halo selection

Whether you’re an experienced agent looking to start your own business or an existing director considering a rebrand. There are so many options available and the franchising model has evolved drastically over the past decade. This means navigating through the different choices can be challenging, especially whilst continuing to do what you do best – real estate!

Insert halo selection – providing a professional, tailored solution to help guide you through your different business options. By understanding your business and what is needed to take it to the next level, explaining what services can be provided in the marketplace and furthermore helping you select the best suited option for you!


halo selection

is a confidential service that allows you to explore the options available to you, whilst negotiating on your behalf to ensure the end result is delivered with your best interests in mind.

No longer does the idea of building your best future career need to be a daunting and lonely process, Halo Selection will be there to help you every step of the way. 


 & Values

Advocating for the future leaders in real estate by connecting them
with tailored business solutions to achieve greater success.


Be individual. Be original. Be you.

Understanding, identifying and valuing the individual traits of my clients and finding the right individual solutions to best fit their needs. Because what makes you different, makes you special and is likely to be the key to your success.


Demonstrating a genuine understanding and care for the well-being of others, this value goes beyond the mere fulfilment of contractual obligations and extends into the realms of empathy, compassion and responsibility.

All decisions lead back to this factor and ensure that each and every client is treated in their best interests, above all.


Confidentially representing clients requires transparency, honesty and integrity. Trust is not easy to earn, but can very easily be broken.

Therefore, when given the opportunity to act on behalf of my clients, trust is a fundamental component to allow open communication and deliver strong long term working relationships.