“From the moment I worked with Vanessa, I was struck by her infectious positivity and genuine passion for helping others succeed. As a consultant to business owners, Vanessa is second to none. Her expertise in the Real Estate industry is unmatched, and her ability to provide strategic insights and solutions has been invaluable to my business owners. She is a natural problem solver who is always up for a challenge, and her creativity and innovative thinking have helped her clients including us achieve incredible results.

But Vanessa’s biggest point of difference is her unwavering commitment to her clients and the people she works with. As a headhunter and recruiter, she truly cares about people’s needs and listens intently to their concerns. Her empathetic nature and ability to connect with people on a personal level sets her apart from the rest.

Vanessa is not only an exceptional professional, but she is also a blast to be around. Her fun-loving personality and infectious energy make every interaction with her a joy. She brings positivity and enthusiasm to everything she does, and it’s hard not to feel uplifted in her presence.
Overall, I cannot recommend Vanessa highly enough. She is an incredible Real Estate business consultant, headhunter, and recruiter, who is not only exceptional at what she does, but also cares deeply about the people she works with. Anyone who has the opportunity to work with Vanessa is truly lucky, and I am grateful to have her as a consultant to us & a friend.”


Kevin Chokshi – Ray White Business Owner

“I have had the pleasure to work with Vanessa on a number of levels during the years. As a business owner she has been able to provide me with a clear thinking and direct approach to improving my business. Her invaluable contacts , broad corporate experience, honest feedback and clear vision identify the areas of improvement I need, and then she is able to provide the solution and guidance needed. She is a breath of fresh air and comes at many issues from a new angle and new age thinking. For those looking to be ahead of the game and not repeating the old tired approaches of the past then Vanessa is the person for you.

Vanessa was also an integral part of a major recruitment placement for us recently. From my end as the office owner she provided a seamless service and ensured the recruit was identified, introduced, transitioned, and settled completely as part of her process. It was seamless and her skills in this area and the personal approach she took made all the difference.”

Mark Guthrie – Ray White Business Owner

“Vanessa is class above all others – polished, professional and personable in all our interactions and communications. From the very first meeting she made me feel comfortable and like I had known her for years and in fact I’m lucky enough to have grown a beautiful friendship with her. She takes a genuine interest in those she works with, what you have to say and listens to your needs. The difference between her and others working in recruitment is that it isn’t just a business transaction for her, she cares about who she works with and that reflects in how many strong relationships she has within the industry. She has always been there to listen to me and gives advice to help me get to my next move whenever the time is right for me. She is truly a ray of sunshine and one that is needed when you decide to make a change into a different direction. I couldn’t recommend her enough!”

Valentina Parra
– Ray White Sales Agent